FAQ - Merchants' Portal


I am trying to access my profile, but there is a problem and I am unable to do so.

Be sure that you are correctly entering your email and password, and that there are no extra spaces at the beginning or end.
If the screen is blank or there is an error message, send us a screenshot and we'll help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.
Internet Explorer may cause problems if you are not using the most recent version.

I want to change or recover my password.

  • Go to the main page at merchants.inspiringbenefits.com
  • In the log-in area, you will see a button that states, "Recover password."
  • Click on the button to create a new password and enter your email address

Reestablish your password

I need to change the contact person and email address that is linked to my profile. What should I do?

If your company's contact person has changed and you need to update the information, please send us an email at merchants@inspiringbenefits.com and we will make the change.

Even if you change your information in Your Account's Profile Information, the associated email address will not change. We must personally modify this information.

The page is not loading correctly

Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, rather than Internet Explorer. If the problem is still not resolved, check to see that the URL reads as merchants.inspiringbenefits.com and has no additional characters.

Is there a fee for publishing my offer?

If you have been invited to publish an offer in a collective, both the publication of the offer and its modifications are free of charge.

How can I publish my offer in all of your collectives?

If you would like to receive more information about how to publish your offer in over 200 collectives and reach your target audience, please write us at merchants@inspiringbenefits.com.



I was invited by another collective, but I don't know how to amplify my visibility.

If you received an invitation from another collective, you should forward the invitation to merchants@inspiringbenefits.com so that we can verify that the information is correct and grant you access to the platform. There are three possible scenarios:

The offer that you want to publish in the new collective is the same offer that is already published in another collective. If this is the case, please indicate so when forwarding the email. We can simply expand the offer to a new collective without creating a brand new offer. This is the most common and recommended scenario.
The offer is different. Different offers will only be permitted when absolutely necessary, as the idea is to generate a single offer. If you wish to request permission to publish a different offer, please indicate so when forwarding the email, and we will study its viability.
The offer is the same, but the discount code is different. If this is the case, we recommend that rather than creating a code for each collective, you create a standard code (such as the word, "Inspiring," for example) so that the same offer is valid in various collectives and the maintentance is simplified.
I was invited by another collective, but whenever I enter my email, the logo of the first collective that invited me always appears.

This is normal. The platform only shows the logo of the first collective that invited you.

It doesn't recognize my address.

Try entering a nearby address with fewer details. For example, 'Calle Mayor 1' instead of 'Calle Mayor, corner Coloreros 22.' Then, in the detailed description, indicate the real address so that we can make the change. If the platform still won't accept the address, take a screen shot and send it to merchants@inspiringbenefits.com.

What profile information will be visible to users?

When you create your merchant profile, you must complete 5 steps. The contact and fiscal information will not be shown to users. Here is a summary of the information that will be visible:

  1. General information: visible
  2. Contact information: administrative information; will not be made visible
  3. Images: visible
  4. Establishment addresses: visible
  5. Fiscal information: administrative information; will not be made visible



I want to create another offer, but the platform won't allow me to do so. Why?

Due to our internal policy, merchants cannot publish more than one offer. We recommend that you try to include all of the promotions within a single offer, or that you make periodic modifications to the offer (all offers must be valid for at least 2 months).

I have various discounts/services/products. If I can't create different offers, how do I explain everything?

Due to our internal policy, merchants cannot publish more than one offer. For this reason, if you offer discounts on a variety of products or services, you must specify all of the information in a single offer. This is the normal procedure and exceptions will not be made, even if the offered products are very diverse.

Include all of the offers in the detailed description. You will have plenty of space and when we validate the offer, we will format the text to avoid any confusion.

I work with tight profit margins and I can't offer the requested 20% minimum discount.

The most important aspect of the discounts is that they are unique and exclusive. If you can't offer a discount of at least 20%, please write us and explain your situation. We can surely find a solution.

The platform asks me to indicate the percentage or amount of savings, but I have various percentages or discount amounts.

Enter the highest savings amount/percentage. We will explain that it is a maximum discount (by stating, for example, “Up to 50%”)

I would like to include a pdf. How can I do so?

Send the pdf to merchants@inspiringbenefits.com, indicating the offer's number and where you want the pdf to be incorporated.

How should I format the coupon?

The coupon must be an image file, preferably in jpg or png format. It should be a maximum of 750px wide and a maximum of 950px high.

What are the required characteristics for the images?

  • 1120x800 px
  • Horizonal format
  • The image cannot include text.
  • The images support the description of the offer but will be reduced in size. For this reason, they should only include an image.

What are the required characteristics for the logo?

  • 250x120 px
  • Preferably with a white background
  • It cannot be an image of the business or a business card.

Do I need to include an expiration date?

Yes. In order to ensure that the offer is always updated, the expiration date cannot be any later than one year after the publication of the offer. Don't worry, when the offer is about to expire we will send you email reminders for renewing the offer.

Style: Tips for designing your offer

If you're interested, here are some tips to make your offer as successful as possible:

  • Being truthful works: don't exaggerate, and show the benefits of your products or services without using clichés. It's better to state that delivery will be made in 2 days rather than saying you have "the best delivery service." (In general, try to substitute phrases such as "best" for positive, concrete facts).
  • The use of capital letters to highlight words doesn't usually work very well. It's better to write sentences as you normally would and highlight information through the use of format (colors, underlining...).
  • Talk about your company in third person. We always change the offers to third person, but if you do so from the start, the offer will turn out better.
  • Avoid repetition.
  • Describe the discount at the beginning of the offer, and avoid saturating the text with non-relevant information.
  • The offer's conditions should be included in the "conditions" section. Remember that it's not necessary to "pertain to the collective," as that condition is already implied.
  • Show your brand's personality. If you identify with specific phrases or a certain way of expressing yourself, make your voice come through the offer.



What is a presale? How do I interpret my statistics?

We define a presale as an intention to purchase. It is the number of times a user clicks on the button to access the offer online/offline.

You will see three numbers in the statistics:

  • IMPRESSIONS: Visualizations of the offer in the general menu or in the category, but without clicking on the offer.
  • VISITS: The act of clicking on the offer. It does not indicate the intention to purchase; it simply indicates that the user was interested in the offer and clicked on said offer.
  • PRESALES: Clicks on the button, "access the offer," where the user can see the code or instructions for accessing the offer. This indicates the intention to make a purchase.

I want to update my offer but the platform won't let me. How do I do so?

Once the offer is activated it is blocked, meaning that you cannot make any direct modifications. However, there are several ways to update the offer:

  1. Request a change to the offer (the icon in "details" where your offer is published). Your offer's information will open and you will be able to make changes, but the changes won't be automatically saved. We will receive the changes through a notification and we'll be responsible for publishing the changes. (For this reason, the modification will not be immediate and you won't see the changes if you re-enter in the offer's details).
  2. We can momentarily inactivate the offer so that you can make the changes. This is the recommended method for making several changes. When you finish, the offer will be pending validation and we will review and re-activate the offer.
  3. If you only need to make a small change, we can do it for you. Simply send us the information you wish to include and we will update the offer.

We are in charge of the title and short description. We will make changes based on the new text of the detailed description.

I have requested an "offer modification" using the button on my merchant home page. What happens now?

Upon requesting to make a change to the offer, the currently published offer will open so that you can make the modifications. Enter your changes and upon saving, we will receive an email with the requested changes.

The modifications will not be automatically applied; we must first validate them. We are happy to review your changes and incorporate the new information into your offer.

If you want to include or erase currently existing images, send them to us in an email rather than attaching them.

Can I include short-lived promotions?

You can include promotions, but remember that they must be valid for a minimum of two months, as the idea is to create long-term discounts. Additionally, these promotions must be published in the general offer.

I can't eliminate images from my offer.

If you are not presented with this option, let us know which images you would like to eliminate and we will erase them.

How does the offer positioning work?

The positioning and visibility of the offer within its category increases as the number of users who access and visit the offer increases. For this reason, the longer the offer is published, the more accesses it usually receives.

I have very few visits. What can I do?

If the offer has been published for a very short amount of time, it is normal to have few visits due to our positioning policy, especially if the offer is located in a category with lots of offers. Give it some time, and if the offer is interesting, you will end up having presales.

Here are some tips to take into account for having a positive performance: make more groundbreaking promotions for special days, choose images that stand out, make the offer as complete as possible... The more interesting the offer, the better results you'll have.